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To create a new e-mail id please forward a request along with details such as Employee id, Name, Personal mail-id,Mobile number, Department/Section/College name through official e-mail of concerned HOD/Principal/SO.

For any other assistants regarding CUEmail please send a request along with the details mentioned above from authorised mail-id.

Secured CUE-mail

A secure email service is the easiest way to keep your emails private and untampered with.Not only are we talking about secure and encrypted email, we're also looking at maintaining anonymity.

Do not leave your mobile devices and computers unguarded. Also, make sure your devices are themselves protected with strong passwords or biometrics and have no guest accounts or similarly unprotected access allowed.

Be vigilant of social engineering. Phishing attempts often come by email, instant messages, VoIP or social networking messages and can be very cleverly designed (possibly tailored specifically to you) to trick you into handing out personal details, information or even passwords.

Do not write down or share any passwords. Never make a note of the password that lets you decrypt secure emails you receive.

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Tel No: 0494-2407527