Online processing and issuing of Original Degree Certificates with the digital signature of the Vice Chancellor

Students can apply for degree certificate online using the new system. The students will be prompted with any kinds of defects like withheld, fee dues , marklist revision and so on at the time of online submission. SMS updates are sent on each stage of the application for easy tracking of the application by the students. Students will be updated with the correct fee details which varies with their year of pass and stream completed through the online application system. Memo to the students are sent through Email and SMS in case of errors. Assistants, Section Officers and Assistant Registrar can verify the preview of the original degree certificate in the new system. Once the Assistant Registrar verifies, the Degree Certificate in pdf format is ready for approval of the Vice Chancellor which finally ends by applying his Digital Signature. Open Source Digital Signature has been implemented in this system.

Moodle Platform for publishing multimedia e-Learning content

A platform for uploading e-learning content was setup and extensive training was given to selected staff members of various teaching departments. Multimedia content which can be used for e-learning can be created, categorised and uploaded using Moodle platform. This gives a chance for the teachers to get updated with e-learning technology and convey the same to the students.

Department Portal for University Teaching & Research Departments

A complete portal for all teaching and research departments in the university. All manual and paper work from Departments to CCSS section has been computerised making it paperless. CCSS can upload academic calendar and HOD can add events, which can be used for the upcoming Student Portal for preparing customised calendar for students. CCSS and HOD has also facility to send SMS to various student groups.

Online issue of Certificates - Migration Certificate

The project envisioned to ensure the online processing and issue of all the certificates to be issued to the students by various branches\departments of the University. As a pilot work, software for online issuing migration certificates designed, developed and implemented and the process for issuing equivalency certificate is completed. Students can register and apply online for the certificate providing the required details. This data is made available in the corresponding section online for verification. Section approves the data and uploads the certificate which the student can download. SMS alert is provided to the student at each stage.

New responsive university website in uoc domain

The previous official website of the university ( has been replaced with an elegant responsive version with more organised data and content (

Unified Web Portal for all teaching Departments, Pareeksha Bhavan, School of Distance Education etc

The portal has separate pages for the following departments/branches/facilities of the University,

New e-Payment System

A new instant web payment system implemented for easy creation and payment of university challan. The new system support both prepayment and post payment for all online applications.

SDE Online - New software for School of Distance Education

This is a more user friendly, maintainable and secure software that has replaced the previous system on persistent request from the concerned section with their requirements. This is developed considering the need and necessities of the SDE students and ensures that the service is rendered completely at SDE. Entire details of a student can be viewed and accessed from the section. Online transfer certificate and online duplicate ID card provisions are enabled for students. The new software contains options for extensive reposts, students registration for UG, PG, Additional Specialisation, Stream Change, Re admission etc. and can be easily upgraded with new facilities on future requirements.

New Portal for processing and issuing original degree certificate to the Autonomous colleges

The new system eliminates the process of forwarding the student details in excel files to the University. Colleges can enter/edit/delete complete information including student details, courses offered, syllabus/paper details, mark entries and so on using respective options provided in the portal. A complete view of student details uploaded by the colleges is available to the concerned tabulation section. Issuance of provisional certificate and degree certificate is purely based on this data.

A software system for Managing Syllabus, Curricula, Exam timetable and Notifications

The software enables entry of syllabus, curricula, exam timetable and notifications which were uploaded in pdf format earlier. This enables searching. The data entered can be downloaded in pdf format.

A complaint lodging portal exclusively for SC/ST students

A portal for lodging complaints of caste based discrimination by SC/ST students developed from our University in complaince with the directions from the UGC. The software ensures that the complaints are timely logged and addressed.

A portal for processing the reissuance of Certificates

This portal is launched for the students those who have lost their certificates during the flood\natural calamities.

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