Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure & Networking

The digital infrastructure includes State-of-the-art Data Centre, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Solar UPS system, High-speed backbone campus wide network (LAN/Wi-Fi), High speed internet leased line connectivity.

State-of-the-art Data Centre

Dedicated, state-of-the-art Data Centre facility that can accommodate six 42-U server racks.
Uninterruptible electrical power supply ensured with the support of redundant solar UPS and diesel generator along with KSEB power supply.
High speed 1 Gbps internet connectivity (NKN) + 100 Mbps +32 Mbps Connectivity

Intelligent SMOKE and FIRE sensing, detection, prevention, FIRE alarm system, very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA), WATER leakage detection system.
Equipped with SMS alert system
Standard physical security measures including leakproof, water tight and thermally insulated false floor and ceiling.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (on premises cloud) powered by Solar Energy

- It is a combination of software and hardware system, allowing the user to create the required server capacity with ease.
- It combines Storage, Compute, and networking into a single system
- High-end IT framework that can reduce Data Center complexity and increase scalability.
- Effective hard disk capacity of 60 TB.
- 2048 GB high speed internal memory.
- High-capacity server nodes with total processing capacity of 176 cores
- Redundancy to withstand the failure of almost one third of total hardware components.

Integrated Solar PV-Online UPS to power HCI

Project Highlights

- First of its kind Data Centre in Indian Universities powered with Solar Energy
- Implemented using the Integrated Solar UPS - a Make-in-India, Green Computing initiative of ITI Limited, Palakkad.
- 2 x 10 KW integrated Solar PV-Online UPS configured in Parallel Redundancy mode to ensure high availability.
- Hyper Converged Infrastructure (on premises cloud) installed in the Data Centre is fully powered by the Solar UPS System.
- A 2 x 36000 WH battery bank provided for uninterrupted operation during night/ cloudy days.
- Expected to Save approx. 348000 Units of Energy in 5 years
- Reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to 248 Metric Ton.

High speed Campus Backbone Network

- Dedicated & Redundant Underground Optical Fiber backbone connectivity to all major University buildings from the Data Center
- Implementation of highly efficient, scalable, multiple and modular 3-Tier network in consecutive phases.
- Hub Room facility for the efficient management of all the UG Optical Fiber backbone cable network
- Dedicated 24 core Optical fiber UG backbone cable to cater the needs such as dedicated IP Phone system, CCTV surveillance system.

High & Speed InternetConnectivity

University has three redundant Internet Leased Line connections to meet the internet usage in the Campus
Primary ISP connection - NKN (National Knowledge Network) of 1 Gbps Bandwidth
Secondary and Tertiary connections provided by BSNL with Bandwidth of 100 Mbps and 35 Mbps.
Initiated K Wi-Fi / K FONE Connectivity.

Policy implemented

IT/ICT/e-Governance Policy 2021 (Uo No. 8968/2021 /Admn dated 06-09-2021

Purpose of this policy is to ensure the effective use of digital infrastructure and services of the University of Calicut in the areas including Program documentation and file naming, use of Passwords, Internet and e-mail usage, Setting User Privileges, Asset Management, Mobile Computing, Procurement, Insurance and Maintenance of IT equipment.

Team - Digital Infrastructure & Networking

Rajeesh K P
System Administrator
Ansab K P
Network Administrator
Jishanth M
Muhammed T
Santhosh A N
Akhil T
Jithesh P P

Firewall & Network Security Measures

Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) based Services.
Firewall appliance with inbuilt security features and Intrusion Prevention System
Secure and dedicated DMZ Zone for HCI and servers
Follows a Web security policy and Application security policy configured in the Firewall.
Restricted the use of all types of non-educational and malicious websites and applications
Filter out and restrict malicious and unwanted packets to and from the internal network
Provides secure VPN connections.

e-Services & Support

Web based Video conferencing system/Online meeting platforms (G-Suite/Webex)
Institutional Email services
Learning Management System (LMS)

  1. Support for affiliated colleges and other Universities
  2. Training Programmes for the faculty members.
  3. Institutional Training Programme as part of Let’s Go Digital.
  4. Programme of Kerala State Higher Education Department.

Product Support and Training for all levels of end users.
Smart classrooms - maintenance support.
Bulk SMS & Email services.
Campus Surveillance System – Maintenance and Support.