Our Projects


Major Ongoing / Completed Projects


  • e-File Management System

    The University has been using DDFS (Digital Document Filing System) for the e-file management since 2012. It is a web based digital document filing system, manages the life cycle of a document (file) in the University.
    DDFS was procured through M/s Keltron and the CUCC is providing necessary technical support and user level management.

    Key Features - Faster Decision-Making - Anytime & Anytime Access and Quick processing of files - High level Security - Real-time Tracking and Status View - Hosted in University Data Center - Accessible to officers Across the Internet - End user Training by Internal IT Team - Eco Friendly – Green & Paper Less - Crypto Market Insiders and News
of University websites

Management of University Websites

Official website of the University https://uoc.ac.in, which is an elegant responsive version with more organized data and content management features, is developed, implemented and maintained by the CUCC.

Key Features
- Quick access to the information related to the latest news and events.
- Notifications, Syllabus, Examination Schedule etc. are made available.
- Information related to the Notice Inviting Tenders, Job vacancy notification and links to various Government websites have been provided.
- With the aim of showcasing important research findings of the various Departments of the University, a Research Highlight display option has been introduced.

Staff Recruitment Portal

The CUCC has developed and implemented a Staff Recruitment Portal, which provides online services related to the Recruitment of Teaching and Non-teaching staff.

- Online Application Processing.
- Automation of Certain Activities of the Recruitment Process

Other Projects Supported

Biometric Punching System—User Management and Support
Institutional e-Mail System – User Management
SMS Gateway – Integration and Support
SUVEGA - Digital Student's Service Centre – Technical Support
Web Based Video Conferencing—Scheduling and Management
Radio CU – Technical Support

Team - Administration

Muhammed Salim P
Sharafudheen C
Rafeeda P T
Preeji M
Parvathy V S
The CUCC is also involved in the Development of exclusive websites for All Teaching Departments/Centers/Chairs and following other Departments.